Antandra – Getting Warmer (Pure Perception Records)

Welcome to Pangea pt 8 CompilationPure Perception Records is proud to present the Welcome to Pangea pt. 8 official compilation. Featuring 7 exclusive tracks from some of the extremely talented artists performing at the festival this year.

Antandra starts things off with a warm, organic and laid back bass filled reggae influenced dub tune thats perfect to enjoy as the suns going down. A breath of fresh fresh air, Lessnoise offers a elegant, proggy minimal tech-house tune for day-time revitalization. Kinetic Phonix (Kameleon & Klaws) follow up a energetic deep house influenced journey, combing melodic chords with a deep bass and plenty of big room sounds to keep your body moving after a long weekend. PulseWave is up next with an irresistibly dancey morning fusion of chunky bass, smooth proggy percussion, and melodic vocal samples. Intrinsic pulls no punches with his latest sound venture, reminiscent of the glorious Glowing Flame Days; techy darker atmospheres collide with intricate percussions and a groovy bass, making this track an absolute floor filler. Throwing us head-first down the neuro rabbit-hole, Progress’ Birds of Paradise is a mind-warping XXX BPM psychedelic ride, sure to leave you altered & spinning about. Primordial Ooze takes us deeper and deeper Into The Infinite with a techy, groovy, neo-goa track entitled Encircled, twisting and turning in a bubbly voyage to the psychedelic depths.

Here is my tune which I’m stoked to have featured as track 1 on the compilation:

Here’s the full tracklist:

1. Antandra – Getting Warmer 05:29
2. Lessnoise – Restraint 07:02
3. Kinetic Phonix – Shakta 07:27
4. PulseWave – Wizzards 08:55
5. Intrinsic – Midnight Logic 08:04
6. Progress – Birds of Paradise 07:13
7. Primordial Ooze – Encircled 08:32

Mastering by: Kri
Artwork by: Kameleon

Download 7 track album for ‘name your price!’

Welcome to Pangea pt. 8 – Into the Infinite – May 29th – 31st



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