Kinnection Campout 2015 Recap

Antandra Live at Kinnection Campout

Had the most amazing time performing at Kinnection 2015! It was most definitely one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to thus far. The Earth Stage was so elegantly crafted that we just couldn’t stop admiring its beauty throughout the weekend. Below is a short video clip recorded during my live set on Friday night right after Opening Ceremony and my buddy Stratosphere’s performance:

There were so many talented people everywhere. It was great to see some longtime friends like Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers and Ganga Giri both of whom I’ve known and looked up to as amazing musicians for the last 15 years. Amani was very generous, and gave me a copy of Desert Dweller’s new album, The Great Mystery, which I highly recommend. Ganga was my original didgeridoo teacher. Unfortunately, he wasn’t booked to play. Would love to catch his live performance again some day. He just stopped in because he happened to be in the area. I also connected with some new friends that I hope to see again. It was a real honor to perform at Kinnection alongside so many legit producers.

Antandra at Kinnection Campout 2015

Antandra at Kinnection Campout 2015

The food was also very tasty. The vendors had some delicious meals and snacks, and the artists and staff were well taken care of with Buchi Kombucha, coconut water and more. They did a good job providing vegan options as well. Even got to enjoy some of the freshest cacao I’ve ever seen,  and had some durian fruit which many people dislike due to the pungent odor, but I love it even though it stinks like a gas leak or worse.

Kinnection had a lot of really fun workshops as well. Had a fantastic experience doing AcroYoga with Joaquin de Teresa for the first time, and we were also gifted a couple essential oil samples from Sarah of Raphael Wellness. Below is a photo of her leading a workshop on essential oils.

Raphael Wellness

Sarah of Raphael Wellness leading a workshop on essential oils

There was also a plethora of incredible visionary art. Below is a photo of artist and friend, Emily Kell painting live at the event.

Emily Kell live painting. Photo credit to SoulBloom.

Emily Kell live painting. Photo credit to SoulBloom.



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