Antandra art by Phazed

Antandra is the moniker of music producer and performer, Jacob Louis. His sound can best be described as bass infused rhythms with suspenseful atmospherics and etheric melodies. He has music released on Jumpsuit Records, LostinSound, The Untz, Elliptic Audio Research (formally Mycelium Music), Transcendent Tunes, Visionary Shamanics Records, Maia Brasil Records, Ektoplazm and Pure Perception Records, and has performed his original music at Kinnection Campout, CoSM, Burning Man, Source, Unitus, Pangea, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Equinox and many more. Antandra has shared the stage with numerous world-class acts including Birds of Paradise, Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Sixis, Ott, Kalya Scintilla, AtYyA and Globular.

“There are few producers in the American psychedelic bass music culture rising faster than Antandra.”

“Fans of the psychedelic bass of Ott, Liquid Stranger, Kalya Scintilla, and Bird of Prey are going to flip out over the tasty tribal delights spun by newcomer Antandra.”
—The Untz

“I’ve been obsessing over Antandra’s remix on Ayla Nereo’s Hollow Bone Remixes album!”
– Caeli La (Ritual Dancer)