The Journey to CoSM and Ayla Nereo’s Remix Compilation! [OUT 3.24.15]

Hanging out with the very talented visionary artist, Steve Shorts on our way to CoSM. He studied under Alex Grey for a long time, and draws inspiration from all over the map. There is an upcoming interview of him coming out soon on Soul Bloom, so keep an eye out for that.

hermes by steve shorts


Looking forward to performing at Cosm tomorrow night for the Vernal Equinox Celebration with Govinda, Psymbionic, Globular, Skytree, Jeremy’s Aura and Psylander.


Also, keep an ear out for the new Alya Nereo remix compilation this Tuesday, 3.24.15 on Jumpsuit Records. It features Ayla Nereo remixes by E O (a.k.a. Eric Oberthaler), Kyrstyn Pixton, Random Rab, Makhana, Mbanza, Scott Nice, Ryan Herr Music, SriKaloGY, AtYyA, Kalya Scintilla, D.V.S*, The Human Experience – David Block, Lemurr, saQi,Queued Time Music, Living Light and ill-ēsha.

UPDATE: You can now download Ayla Nereo’s Hollow Bone Remix compilation!

Ayla Nereo Remix Compilation album cover




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