Tantra VST Plugin Review by Antandra

Tantra is a VST effect by Dmitry Sches. You can use it to create complex rhythmic gated patterns. In this video I will review the newly released plugin, and demo some of its features. I love this plugin, and highly recommend it. It’s totally worth the money. I recommend getting it now while it’s on sale.

Dmitry Sches’ Tantra VST Plugin:

21 Free Tantra Loops by Antandra

21 free loops made using the Tantra Plugin by Dmitry Sches and Sylenth1 with a few random drum samples. There are 5 drum/percussion loops, 6 bass loops, 5 synth loops and 5 sfx loops. They are ripe for experimentation, and I hope they inspire you to purchase the plugin as it’s totally worth it for any aspiring producer.

Download 21 Tantra Loops by Antandra now!

21 Tantra Loops by Antandra



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