Three Days of Light Gathering (3DL)

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The 4th Annual Three Days of Light
AUG. 28TH-30TH


Tier 1 Tickets on sale now starting at just $100 including camping for the whole weekend and all workshops, events, speaking engagements, concerts, and more.
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We are coming to this from everywhere. From all corners of the Earth… from all walks of life. We are the many faces of… CHANGE. WE are the 3DL Family!

(If you like what you see here, please share this event with your friends! This is how we nurture the movement and transform the planet!) THIS IS HOW W… “LEVEL UP!”

We are moved to be the “very best we can be. You would say that we are “Inspired” (In the Spirit?) to simply be… more. More knowledgeable. More intuitive. More prepared for… the future. We feel this INSPIRATION! and take steps toward actually “being the change we wish to see in the world. At the Three Days of Light Gathering we will attend workshops, have conversations and learn about many things. From planting a more healthy garden to feed ourselves, our families, or communities… to how to feel more whole and connected to a “higher” or “guiding” source of… EVERYTHING. (Call it what you will, you know what we are saying! 🙂 ) You will be with friends and family who are also there to connect with, learn from, and teach, everyone else there. We are peers. We are each others teachers. INSPIRATION!

We will set intentions and share our VISION. We will hold space with the potential that we REALLY CAN BE our highest selves. and there will be many chances to enter into an agreement with OURSELVES to simply be better. Less dense, LIGHTER. There will be a moment during your time with each other that we will ACTIVELY feel a shift take place. A part deep inside of us will ACTIVATE and from that moment on we will forever be a bit more WHOLE, complete. READY. To let go. Of pain, shame, guilt. We will see that everything that we have experienced before that very moment (or THIS very moment, possibly?) was a necessary part or our JOURNEY. All the lessons merely parts of the story that we needed to understand before we “MOVED ON!” into being our most evolved selves. It’s about coming to terms with our past, knowing our present, and getting ready for the FUTURE. We decide to make CONSCIOUS CHOICES, and with that we become ACTIVATED!

WE come together (To-Gather) in celebration of life. This is Festive part of 3DL as being a “Festival”. We laugh, we dance, we sing, we CELEBRATE! the beauty and wonder of life. Wonderfull! With so many amazing artists, performances (Musical and other), crafters and creators, our hearts will burst open with joy and such powerful elation… the colors, the sounds, the FEEEEEEELING of absolute, real and genuine LOVE… and we will feel supported and safe to BE HAPPY and FREE!


The Three Days of Light Gathering is a glimpse at a world that we really CAN CREATE. A world where trust and hope are the norms. Where we protect each other simply by saying… “YES! I KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL!” With a smile and, if we are blessed, a warm loving embrace.

And 3DL is a demonstration, to our children that there is more to life and living than how we “normally” live. It shows them that there it is possible to experience life with hope and that we can be rewarded for walking the path of being radiant, loving people.

If you feel it in your heart to come to the THREE DAYS OF LIGHT then we welcome you with open arms.

3DL is a holistic learning based retreat by day, filled with Workshops, Playshops, Yoga, and Ceremony. There are Activities and Adventures, Art and all kinds of interesting creative projects meant to bring out the inner CREATIVE GENIUS! Or you can relax in the BEAUTIFUL natural, awe-inspiring organic wonder of the Appalachian Mountains!

And by night… PARTY TIME! With Sacred Fires, Drum circles, Fire Performances, CEREMONY under the FULL MOON… and MUSIC! Hour after hour after hour of some of the most powerful sonic vibrations helping US ALL transform into pulsating sensual luminous beings… FEELING the music, and the moment and the energy of so many others…

THREE DAYS OF LIGHT GATHERING is a PORTAL… a STARGATE of energy channeling through us and focusing like a laser beam of LIGHT that we use to manifest the world of our dreams. STARTING RIGHT NOW!

We have created the THREE DAYS OF LIGHT to be VERY AFFORDABLE. Accessible to anyone and everyone who feels it in there hearts to be there. Even our most expensive registration level is less than the price of a hotel for the weekend.

*Over 18 hours of Yoga, Chi Gong, Thai Chi
*6 hours + of Kirtan
*6 Co-Creation Station (Experiential and Hands-on artistic and musical learning and expression space)
*The Sacred Sanctuary: A meditative space with a co-created Labyrinth, Prayer Wheel, Sacred Fire Ceremonies, Renunciation Space and more…)
*Youth/Family activities “The Kids Village” and the SCRATCH theater ( An expressive co-created, directed, produced, written and acted theater performance by our youngest 3DL-ers.)
*Tantricity (Adult Sensuality Work/Playshop space)
*The Goddess Temple
*The Healing Village with over a dozen healing modalities
for you to learn and heal in.
*Native Ceremonies
and much, much more.

Key Note Speakers:

Laura Eisenhower-
Laura will talk about her own personal journey and experiences that connect with the global mission work she does, like the path of the Labyrinth that she can assist us in understanding on a more universal level. She will discuss the path of doing profound inner work and learning from Nature, and how this has been her path, which helped her to understand the energies on the planet, what exists beyond the veil, the difference between organic time lines and artificial and programmings and our true divine blueprint. (Seem full itinerary on @ on May 1st)

Tony Borroughs-
(Auther: The Code. Creator of “The Ten Intentions for a Better world, and founder of “The Intenders Circles.
Tony Burroughs is one of the more prolific visionaries of our time. He is the author of 10 self-empowerment books and the co-founder of the worldwide Intenders of the Highest Good community. His widely acclaimed Vision Alignment Project recently surpassed 1.6 million alignments. He has produced 3 full-length videos, over 100 YouTubes for the Intenders Channel and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Coast to Coast AM. (See full Itinerary here @ on May 1st)

Scott Love –
Scott will be re-introducing “The Visioneering Process” and talking about the process of creating the vision in your heart and head. Founder of The Emergence Earth Project, The 11.11.11. Gathering (Sedona) and the Three Days of Light Gathering, he will speak about when and how to listen to that voice in your head, and BELIEVING that it’s not crazy to follow your heart. His talk will be followed by a round table discussion and meditation meant to clear away doubt and open ourselves up to Intuitive Guidance.

Rev Dr Saralise Azrael –
A Message from Saralise:
I chose to incarnate on this occasion to be of absolute service to humanity. I have often been referred to as a Catalyst, and a Spiritual Broadcast Station, spreading love and joy wherever I go. I am not afraid to go deep within Spirit to assist in answering deep questions, as we are all One. My intention is to be available with your Angelic Team and Spirit Guides and Record Keepers of your Soul to bring you to a place of wholeness, enlightenment and full embodiment. Your Guides and Teachers may not always give you the answer that you are looking for, but you will know that it is of Divine Truth, and coming from an Authentic Safe Place.

Over 36 workshops and Playshops including
(See full itinerary release on May 1st, @
Past Life Regressions (Individual and group sessions)
Group Meditations
Light Body Activation]
Circle Breathing
DNA Activation,
Finding your Spirit Guides
Sound Healing
Vibrational Healing
Connecting with the Ascended Masters,
Speaking to Fae
Communicating with our Higher Selves and Transforming ourselves into who we already are
Going Directly to Source
Starseed Activation
What is a Light Worker?
Full Circle Flow Arts
Belly Dancing
Intention setting
Community Activism
Social Entrepreneurship
Urban Renewal
Free Energy information
Sustainable Living
Natural Health & Wellness
How to be your OWN Life Coach
Wild Edibles
Releasing your inner Guru
Unconditional Love and Forgiveness
Changing the Political Landscape (Change from within) and many others… tba
Free flowing interpretive painting
Flow Arts
Personal/Spiritual Development
Improve music sessions

Art Spaces:
With Co-Creative Art Spaces and workshops
Community Sculptor
Visionary Arts Gallery
Art Dome
And SOOOOO much more!

MUSIC LINE UP: (Tentative)
(See full Line-up release on May 1st, @

The Human Experience – David Block


Kellee Maize






Scott Huckabay

Infinite Third

I, Star


Benny Bettane

Cosmic Village

Brother Bear & Family w/ Special Guest Elwood Haney

Colton Elwood Haney:

A Beautiful Chorus

Sacral Crown

Jenna Gilmore


The Vulgarians

Sunny Day

and more TBA!

So if you have read all this, first of all… AWESOME!
And second of all, you now have some idea of all the awesomeness we have in store for this, what is bound to be our most expansive and more powerful 3DL to date, and how this trully is one of THE MOST conscious and transformational events of the year.

*Please keep in mind that this is a drug and and alcohol free event.
*There will be no unauthorized vehicles on the property
*Parking is off site and shuttles will be provided.
*No one under 18 will be allowed on the property with out legal guardian
*Please DO NOT bring glow sticks or any other disposable luminescent products
*No pets unless registered Service animals (No Exceptions)
*Must have valid I.D. To get on the property
* Gates open at 10 am Friday August 28
*All Sales are final
*This is a Rain or Shine Event

For tickets and more information please check out

Are you ready?
It’s time to LEVEL UP!


We hope you chose to join us @ the Three Days of Light Gathering this year. Your energy, ideas and vision is important!

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Date(s) - 08.28.2015 - 08.30.2015
12:00 am