PRISM Presents: Resonance

resonance★PRISM Presents: Resonance★

A Monthly, Multi-Media gathering celebrating Sound, Color, Vibration, Frequency, and Synchronicity. Taking place the First Friday of each month at Red Maple in Baltimore City.

Resonance may hold the key to a variety of unusual experiences, as we come to understand more and more about the role vibration plays in the make up of matter and energy, as well as the way these things behave. The rate and intensity of vibrational frequencies of objects can create either harmony or discord between them, and perhaps it is when these frequencies compliment each other, or synchronize, all matter of miraculous action can occur, including paranormal events, psychic abilities, and wondrous coincidences that boggle the mind.

Through art, music, and community we often find people, places, and things that we relate with, inspire us, and bring joy into our lives. Resonance is an extension of this. Raise the vibration, sync up, have fun, and attract that which resonates with the joy, peace, love, unity, integrity, happiness, and harmony within each of us. Much Love and Many Blessings to Everyone.








The New Jedi Order (Projections)

Vostek (Projections)

Sarah Lillian

Harrison Lance Crawford

Liz Hu

Mike Chappell

Brooke Cox

& More TBA


Sugar Free Kandi

& More TBA




Christy Thorndill – Thai Bodywork Teacher at Vedic Conservatory and Traveling Teacher: Thai Yogasage, Yoga Therapeutics, & Reiki.

8 * 7 * 15
9pm -2am
Red Maple: 930 North Charles St.
Baltimore, Maryland.
21+ // $5

★Bring your Drums, your Art, your Creativity, your Costumes, and more!!! Get Involved, Express Yourself, These events are for YOU!!!★

★If you have questions, wish to help or participate in any way, please contact PRISM and let us know how we can assist you.★

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Date(s) - 08.07.2015 - 08.08.2015
9:00 pm - 2:00 am

Red Maple