Freeform Arts Festival 2015

Antandra is honored to be playing two sets at Freeform Arts Festival. The first set will be on the Main Stage at 7am, Saturday morning, and he will also be performing at Camp Beemore, Sunday at 8pm.

Freeform Arts Festival is a transformational, interactive arts and music festival that connects artists and performers for four days (yes, that’s 96 hours) of events and activities! Freeform was founded to serve as an outlet to showcase talents among the underground artist community, forge genuine friendships, and to unite the dozens of art collectives that exist along the East Coast. Freeform is also a leave no trace event. Our participants ensure that their camps and public spaces are left in better condition when they leave then when they had found them.

>>>>For insurance/legal purposes EVERYONE must sign our Waiver BEFORE Arriving onsite!! Please do so in advance by following this link: <<<<<

Ticket Cap 1800

We also have a ton of new Features for 2015!
>>>ALL NIGHT SOUND at the Freeform Main Stage Amphitheatre!
>>>Extended sound cut off from Midnight till 1AM for Sound Camps!
>>>Ticket Packages for Theme Camps (test run of Limited Supply available)
>>>Family Bands & Minor Intake Forms for children under 18
>>>Gratitude Stipends & Volunteer Ticket Reimbursements
>>>Freeform University (adding an expanded lecture series to our workshops!)
Read more about these in our FAQ ( )

This event which was founded in order to tie together the vast East-Coast creative arts community and increase diversity in our local artistic landscape.

This year’s Theme is OUROBOROS

Our life is a series of constant circular motions. Ouroboros, an ancient symbol representing cyclicality, illustrates the concept of an ever changing existence. The ups and downs, joys and sorrows, belief and disenchantment–Ouroboros reminds us that our true nature is in the serendipitous, synchronous moments which are both infinite and transient; life is a journey rather than a destination.
Are we striving to be more aware? More awake? More present? How can we best utilize our brief existence? Are we conscious of being lost only after we have fallen and triumphantly risen, like a fiery phoenix, from our own ashes?
With this year’s theme, Ouroboros, we invite you to dig deep within yourself and explore the cyclic nature of existence and gain inspiration from the never ending circle of beginnings and endings, creation, destruction, and re-creation.

**This Event Is Clothing Optional**

We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to The Schuylkill County Fairgrounds.
(2270 Fair Rd, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 )
Freeform will be held from June 4th to 8th

We want Freeform to be accessible, regardless of your income level. Per usual, we will be offering low income tickets to assist those participants who wish to attend but may have limited resources. We will be offering up to 50 low income tickets at $35 per ticket. To apply for a low income ticket note the following:
>>>Email Include your contact information and a paragraph of 300-500 words describing: your current situation, why you feel you qualify for a low income ticket, and how you plan on contributing to the event.
>>>We ask that low income ticket recipients volunteer for a minimum of 2 volunteer shifts in exchange.
>>>Our deadline for low income requests is April 1st with answers being given out by April 7th. This deadline gives our recipients ample time to plan for their Freeform experience and also take off work if need be.

We love PayPal, but Eventbrite chooses to make accepting PayPal mutually exclusive with all other forms of payments. This doesn’t work for us as although PayPal is a popular form of payment, not everyone has it. We advise using your PayPal debit card to access your funds and purchase tickets that way. Win-Win.



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Date(s) - 06.04.2015 - 06.08.2015
12:00 pm

Schuylkill County Fair Association