Ayla Nereo – Hollow Bone Remixes [Name your price!]

Ayla Nereo Remix Compilation album coverBack in January, I was selected as a winner of Ayla Nereo‘s remix contest! Now, my remix of Ayla’s song, Life-Bound Friend, is featured on her Hollow Bone Remixes Compilation on The Polish Ambassador‘s label, Jumpsuit Records, alongside E O (a.k.a. Eric Oberthaler), Kyrstyn Pixton, Random Rab, Makhana, Mbanza, Scott Nice, Ryan Herr Music, SriKaloGY, AtYyA, Kalya Scintilla, D.V.S*, The Human Experience – David Block, Lemurr, saQi, Queued Time Music aka Walking ॐ Om / DJ Osmosis, Living Light and ill-ēsha.

Besides being the first musical project under this moniker, this song has special meaning to me since it incorporates the sounds of humpback whales from my time in Maui. The whales were recorded by my friends Sam David and Amber Monaghan for their album WHALE TRANCE that I helped produce. It links my past musical projects with my present, and is a reminder of the journey I have traveled. So much gratitude for every piece of the intricate mosaic.

Download Ayla Nereo’s ‘Hollow Bone Remixes’ compilation here:

Album art by Marisa Aragón Ware



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