Antandra – Take it Higher [Transcendent Tunes]

sublimatio(n)Yesterday for Pi Day, Transcendent Tunes released a new compilation titled, ‘Sublimatio(N)‘. I am happy to say that my song, Antandra – Take It Higher (432hz), is the first track featured on the album. You can stream and download the album in its entirety for free on Soundcloud, and if you care to support the cause, you can buy it for ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp, or purchase on Beatport and other major distributors. The Untz published a review of the compilation by Kyle Rutherford. Here’s what he had to say about my track:

“The release begins with Denver-based producer Antandra’s “Take It Higher.” It’s a nice, chilled out string heavy tune with a nice, deep low end. It sounds like it was produced to be the opening track because it’s a really nice ease into the release.”

Sublimatio(N) features tracks by: Antandra, Ascentient, Orchestrobe, Smigonaut, Zoo Logic, Sacral Crown, White Robot & Oomah, Jackson Whalan Music, subcreature, Pocket Rocks, JakeWalker, Caelis

Cover Art by OLiver Locke



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