Antandra – Subterranean Bounce [Maia Brasil Records]

Thrilled to announce that a new Antandra song was released on Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic! My piece titled, ‘Subterranean Bounce’ is track 9 of 11 in the Smörgåsbord vol. 2: Psiarrhea compilation curated by Jeremy’s Aura.

Smörgåsbord vol. 2: Psiarrhea – the natural way to follow up a delicious psychedelic buffet. This sequel is once again compiled by Jeremy’s Aura and brought to you by Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic. All the music is made with great love and joy, and to share such a collection of unique and inspiring artists is a privilege in itself. Satisfy your extended bathroom breaks and add some timeless psybient, chillout, downtempo and experimental tunes to your collection. Thanks for all the love and support! Great thanks to all of the artists involved for their amazing dedication to their passion! Hope you all enjoy it!

Download the compilation for free or name Your price!

Sleepy Koala – Harmonic Junkie
Soulular – Bonzai
beatfarmer – The Midnight Harvest
Tron Sepia – Endless
Nibana – Through The Ard
TRD – Moor
Jeremy’s Aura – Cowboys and Co-Pilots
Shantam – Songs To The Self
Antandra – Subterranean Bounce
Planet B – Drop
Zoungla – Deep Sea Dubbin’

All music written and produced by the respective artist
Additional credits: Karina Ultra K (vocals on track 7)
Analogue summing and mastering by Sammy Wags
Original artwork by Jeremy Costa
Released in 2016 by Maia Brasil Records [MBR 034] and Omnitropic [OMNI 017]
Compiled by Jeremy’s Aura



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