Antandra Exclusive Spore Session on Mycelium Music

Greetings! So many good things have been happening in my music career that it has been challenging to keep up with posting it all on my blog. I must say it’s a good “problem” to have. Back in March, Mycelium Music posted an exclusive mix I recorded for them featuring my all original/remixed/unreleased music:

Spore Session Vol. 26 – Antandra [3-17-15].

Original Music from @Antandra

Antandra – Tiger’s Eye [Self Released]
Antandra – Dazed and Amused [Self Released]
Antandra – Etheric Dub [Out now on Pure Perception Records!]
Antandra – Devi Garden [Out now on Pure Perception Records!]
Antandra – Spring Modulator (Unreleased)
Antandra – Celesjiggle [Self Released]
Antandra – Kale Eyed a Scope (Unreleased)
Antandra – Spectral Emission [Self Released]
Antandra – Rainforest (Unreleased)
Antandra – Mutation [Self Released]
Antandra – Humble Servant (Unreleased)
Antandra – Sri Yantra Dub (Unreleased)
Antandra – You Are the Reason [Self Released]
Luke Mandala – Dancers of the Dawn of Now (Antandra Remix) [Free Download] 
ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Antandra Remix)  [Free Download]
Numatik – Gaia Unfolding (Antandra Remix) [Free Download]
Antandra – Close Encounter (feat. Jonathan Arthur & Beaumont Brown) (Unreleased)
Ayla Nereo – Life-Bound Friend (Antandra Remix) [Out now on Jumpsuit Records!]



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