Alpha Threshold [Mycelium Music]

I’m so happy to announce that Alpha Threshold was officially released today on Mycelium Music! I’ve been working hard to complete this album for over 6 months, and it’s so nice to see it finally being appreciated by listeners all over the world.

Special thanks to Jonathan Arthur (flute/sax tracks 1, 5, 6), Andy Beaumont Brown (guitar track 1), Malcolm Dorje (didg track 3), Kelly Panda Kaboom (inspiration/vocals track 3), David Parker (Mycelium Music), Anand Harsh (TheUntz), Christian Martin (Sacred Bass Sessions), Willy Tex & Patrick Boyle (LostinSound), Nick Borner (

Album Art by Steve Shorts

Mastered by Asher Fulero

P.S. I put together an exclusive mix featuring the tracks from the album for Sacred Bass Sessions. Enjoy!



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