Akasha EP OUT NOW! (Free Download)

Released a new 3 track album titled, Akasha, which is available now for free download or name your price. It features the original Antandra mix of Akasha, and two remix contributions from PERICLES and Darius Twin. Hope you enjoy.

The original Antandra song, Akasha, was created with a variety of sounds from the Noveture Sample Pack from Gravitas Recordings. It was made as a homage to the late Visionary Artist, Ingo Swann, and features voice samples from a presentation he did on “Human Super Sensitivities and the Future” in 2006.

PERICLES’ swamp queen remix seamlessly fuses drum n bass with squishy tribal bass music. It takes the listener to another dimension where the Akasha can be accessed directly.

Darius Twin’s techno remix is an Akashic banger! It brings us right back into our bodies to integrate the inter-dimensional space travels. A welcomed addition to this sonic journey.

Mastered by Earthcry (of Papadosio)

Album art by Antandra and Kelly Panda.

Special thanks to Kelly for offering her creative support.

Here is the Ingo Swann talk, ‘Human Super Sensitivities and the Future’ that the voice samples came from for anyone interested:



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